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Gerber Pocket Knife Review


 Gerber pocket knives have been present on the market for seventy-five years now.    Ever since their first appearance in 1939,  they have strived for excellence in every aspect possible.    Founded in Oregon USA,  the Gerber company is certainly one of the top knives and tools manufacturer ,  well-known all over the world.    What is the secret to Gerber`s success ?  Perhaps it is not a secret at all.    Perhaps it is all about their constant dedication to  innovate and improve their technology  when it comes to design and function.  They test their knives in all possible situations and get feedback from customers in different industries such as from soldiers,  police officers,  hunters,  fishermen and scouts.  Their pocket knives are made of high quality steel sometimes referred to as surgical steel,  with ergonomic ,comfortable handles that fit perfectly in your hands.    Whether you will use it outdoors while camping,  hunting or fishing or indoors for cutting and slicing food,  fixing furniture or any other everyday chore,  there are so many different models offered by Gerber manufacturers that you may find yourself lost within the variety of choices.  This review is meant to help you make up your mind and choose the right Gerber pocket best edc knife.

 Gerber Pocket Knives –Your Hunting Friends

 There is not a better choice for hunters all over the world but to purchase one of Gerber`s superb pocket knives.  They are renowned for their high quality blades and will never let you down.    Gerber pocket knives have been said to possess all that a hunter might be looking for in a knife.  They are not only perfect for cutting branches or prying in the wilderness,  but also for game dressing and survival purposes.  You can choose among a variety of models in this group of pocket knives and if you want professional hunters` opinion,  they would most certainly recommend the Gerber Myth series.  What is it that makes them outstanding?  The Myth pocket knives have all the features that we expect from the Gerber company. 

>Gerber Myth Pocket Folder –  comes with a strong,razor-sharp blade made of carbon stainless steel.  This is a lightweight pocket knife with a well-designed ergonomic handle made of texturized rubber material for a better grip.  The pocket knife is great for game dressing in the field and cutting jobs.   It opens easily due to the improved opening mechanism .

>Gerber Bear Grylls Pocket Folder-  this Gerber pocket knife has been designed for survival but is perfect for hunting as well.   It comes with a well-known high quality blade and ergonomic non-slip rubberized handle.  The blade is razor sharp and cuts through almost anything.   It opens easily due to a dual thumb stud for one-handed opening.   

 Gerber Tactical Pocket Knives -  A Difference Between Life And Death

 Gerber tactical folding knives have been designed for soldiers,   police officers and firefighters in cooperation with the nation`s expert on combat knives,  Colonel Rex Applegate.   No wonder then that Gerber tactical knives are among the best in the world.  Take for example,

 >Gerber Remix Tactical Clip Folder -  with an interesting opening mechanism,  sharp blade and ergonomic handle,   this tactical pocket knife by Gerber offers all the best features you are looking for in a tactical folding knife.  Its thin,  lightweight handle makes it easy for us to carry it in pockets and to use it for a longer time without feeling uncomfortable.   This Gerber pocket knife has a specially designed thumblift which is meant to help with stability and safety.  

 Gerber Pocket Knives For Fishing

 Fishermen know how dangerous it can be when cutting fish or bait with wet hands and in rainy weather.  Gerber engineers had this in mind while designing pocket knives-  their ideas result in producing knives with slip-free handles.  Thanks to them,   you  do not have to worry any more about using pocket knives in all weather conditions.   In case you love fishing and need a good solid pocket knife,  do not hesitate and purchase

>Gerber Gator Folding Knife -  this is a superb pocket knife with all the features from Gerber.   It comes with a very sharp blade,  cuts easily through the hardest material and feels comfortable in your hands due to its special thermo plastic material.  The blade stays sharp for a long time which is certainly something you might like as there is no need for carrying a sharpener with you.

>Gerber Outrigger Assisted Opening Folding Knife – this knife is said to be just perfect for cutting fish,  bait or even ropes on your boat.  It comes with a partially serrated blade and a comfortable handle.   The knife is so light you will not even notice it is in your pocket.  Its assisted opening mechanism helps with easy and smooth opening while protective mechanisms make sure the pocket knife does not accidentally open.

 It does not make any difference whether you use them  as primary or secondary pocket knives-all Gerber knives will prove perfect.    Without a doubt,  Gerber pocket knives have become an  essential part of most people’s everyday work thus continuing a vision created seventy-five years ago.


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